These two newer models of leading phone systems are compared in the following review:

How does the Google Pixel XL stack up against the Apple iPhone 7 Plus on three main metrics? Note that this is not a comprehensive review of all the features on both phones. I will do a comprehensive long-term review later. And for the record (iPhone fans please note), I think both phones are excellent and are two of the best smartphones on the planet.

1. Intelligent Personal Assistant: Google Personal Assistant vs. Siri: Winner: Pixel XL
2. UX (user experience): Admittedly, this is a bit murky but it’s one of the reasons I still favor the iPhone
3. Camera: The preponderance of professional reviews I’ve read favor the Google Pixel. (Digital Photography Review cites the Pixel XL’s excellent HDR+ mode, the image detail, and fast/accurate AF, among other things.)