With each Windows release, Microsoft improves security.  WIN10 security is much improved.  This excellent and in-depth article from Guiding Tech offers ways to further strengthen security 


Digital Security is paramount today. Anything with an internet connection is vulnerable and can be compromised by someone sitting on a different continent. The latest DDOS attack on DNS servers is one example of many such wide scale attacks which are on increasing trend since last few years.  Your PC or Laptop is also not secure from such attacks. While you may reiterate that I have password protected it, but that’s not enough today, as we will see.

In Windows 10, Microsoft is using NTLMv2 hashing technique, which while doesn’t use salting but fixes some other critical flaws and overall offers more security. But then also you are not 100 percent protected, as I will show now how can you perform a similar attack on your own PC.