This Guiding Tech guide offers advanced desktop customization techniques for Windows 10

Windows 10 undeniably looks very cool. The minimalistic approach for the design has contributed to its success. The recent anniversary update has brought in some good customizations. But, you still don’t get enough options to customize it at the desktop level. Yes, you can get those fancy windows 7 gadgets and cool themes to revamp its look. But, they don’t fit well with Windows 10’s minimal design. So, here I’m going to show you how I customized my Windows 10 desktop that not only looks cool but also complements the minimal design of Windows 10.

What is Rainmeter?  — Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool through which you can create and apply various customizable skins to your desktop. Skins for hardware monitors, clock, weather forecast, RSS Feeds and more. If you don’t like picking specific skins and customizing them for your desktop or you don’t have enough time, go for the Rainmeter suites.  The Rainmeter suites are fully packed and customized skins based on a specific theme. This Star Wars-themed suite will give you a good overview.

How I Customized My Desktop — So, I wanted it to look minimal but informative at the same time. Hardware monitors, a date/time widget, to-do list and few customized desktop icons were all I wanted. I thought of an RSS feed reader but then it would take up more space, depleting the beauty of the background wallpaper. So decided to not have that.  Circle Launcher is what I used for Program Launchers. You can use the Polygon shaped buttons called Honeycomb if you want. Well, just installing them won’t make them work. You’ll have to set the target location of the program manually by editing the skin.

Background Wallpaper — The background wallpaper automatically changes based on the submissions on the Spaceporn subreddit. Space wallpapers mostly have darker backgrounds and they look cool at the same time. I achieved this by using a simple tool called Reddit Wallpaper Changer specifically developed for this task.