Entrepreneur’s web site lists the five worst hacking incidents for the first quarter of 2017, as follows: 


1. Fake GMAIL login page – hackers have discovered a highly-effective phishing scheme that’s fooled users into forfeiting their login credentials. The hacker — usually disguised as a close email contact — is found to be sending emails with a “PDF” attachment. Upon clicking the attachment, which is not actually a PDF but appears like one, victims are led to a fake Gmail login page.

2. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hacked – Last year, hacking group OurMine was the leader of some big-time, harmless hacks.  OurMine broke in and informed the company how unsecure its accounts are, and offered its commercial services to help. “We’re just testing your security,” posted the company — which seems to be its well-known tagline.

3.CNN site hacked — Hacking group Our Mine was feeling ambitious over the Jan. 28 weekend. A day after breaking into WWE’s accounts, the cyber security company went for its next victim: CNN. On Jan. 29, the main CNN facebook page, along with CNN International and CNN Politics were hacked.

4. IndiGo Airline Twitter account hacked — Indian airline IndiGo fell victim to cyber attacks twice. Most recently, the company’s Twitter account, which previously had more than 100,000 followers, got hijacked

5. Hundreds of Twitter accounts — From Duke University to Justin Bieber to the Atlanta Police Department, Twitter accounts worldwide are being hijacked, with the hackers spreading a political message.