Intel’s new Optane memory modules has the potential to significantly boost PC performance as shared below:

Intel on Monday began selling its first Optane memory modules, which it says will transform the traditional relationship between PC memory and storage, making everything from gaming to web browsing much faster on the mainstream computers most people buy.   Optane memory’s crowning achievement is its ability to intelligently allocate the data on a PC between the memory and the hard drive, all the while continuously monitoring your computing patterns to achieve faster app launches and boot times.

But Intel says that Optane’s all-memory approach to data allocation is better than the hybrid drives that have been on the market for nearly a decade, both because of advances in memory technology and the fact that the Optane software configures everything automatically: you don’t have to chose which data are kept in memory and which go on the storage drive.

The upshot is that Optane memory will increase the speed of a traditional hard disk drive-based PC (which is nearly 80 percent of the PC market, according to Intel) by 28 percent, with up to 14 times faster storage performance, Intel says. The company didn’t offer test results for Optane-powered SSD systems.