The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will have a much improved battery design to promote safety, plus a few expected new, as this preview by The Verge documents below.  There may be a few surprises, given the innovation by Samsung as leading mobile phone manufacturer in world:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 launches on Wednesday will carry greater expectations and have to prove a lot more than usual. Here’s a rundown of the biggest challenges facing Samsung as it prepares to take the wraps off the Galaxy S8.

The battery — The smaller S8 is set to have a 5.8-inch display paired with a 3,000mAh battery. Samsung got itself in trouble by trying to force the biggest possible battery inside the Note 7, but will it fall behind in the endurance stakes with the more conservative combination it has in its latest phones?

Home button demise and the screen’s elongation — Every leaked image of the Galaxy S8 shows it dumping Samsung’s signature home button in favor of an entirely software-based interface and the smallest screen bezels in Samsung’s history. What’s lost with that physical home button is not only a familiar and tactile method for returning to the starting screen

Camera — Over the course of multiple generations, Samsung separated itself from the rest of the Android competitive field, outdoing rivals like HTC, LG, and Sony with the best optics and image processing available outside the iOS stable. Both the Galaxy S6 and S7 could make legitimate claims to being even better than the corresponding iPhone of their time.

Voice Assistant and DEX Desktop — Beyond the three crucial hardware components of the battery, display, and camera, Samsung will also try to establish unique selling points for the Galaxy S8 with its new Bixby voice assistant and anticipated DeX desktop functionality.