The Vivaldi browser (developed by one of original founders for OPERA browser) is considerably improved with release 1.8 as shared below.  Chrome and IE are currently the most popular browsing choices.  A more obscure viewing tool offers a little more safety.  This is because exploit development by malicious authors may be less of a target than the more popular browsers.  Still, no tool is perfectly safe and it is important for users of this new browser to always stay up-to-date.

Below are the new features for Vivaldi version 1.8:

*** Create a new and more advanced history (VB-627)
*** History panel (VB-25525)
*** Auto-muting options for tabs (VB-25474)
*** Add option to set home page to startpage (VB-25082)
*** Add “Open Link” (in current tab) to document context menu (VB-25175)
*** Make option for graying/shading hibernated tabs (VB-25337)
*** More visible highlight to use drop-down (VB-5827)
*** Allow creating a note from dragged text (VB-25402)
*** Add “Copy Selection to New Note” menu entry in Notes menu (VB-25379)
*** Add “Open Image” to image context menu (VB-25883)
*** Add new tab introducing to new features on update (VB-26270)
*** Context menu for image searching is needed (VB-13533)
*** Uninstall should open an uninstall page to help find out how Vivaldi can be improved (VB-26219)
*** [Windows] Allow notifications of new versions even if Vivaldi is not running