The SANS Internet Storm Center shares two newer Network Security Tools as highlighted below:

File2pcap – A new tool for your toolkit!

Regarding file-based vulnerabilities, the original process used to involve starting a local webserver and using a browser to download the exploit file, while recording the transfer using Wireshark. File2pcap revolutionized this requirement by simulating the traffic and creating the proper pcap without any hassles.  File2pcap started out as a tool to create pcaps from input files, showing these files in transfer from a web server to a browser. By simulating the entire data exchange it is possible to create a pcap file for any input file, usually within seconds. The result always shows a full TCP stream from SYN to FIN with packets in order and checksums correct. These pcap files can then be used in combination with a tcp replay tool (or read by Snort) to create proper rules for all file-based attacks.

CyberChef a Must Have Tool in your Tool bag!

There are well over 100 operations in CyberChef allowing you to carry simple and complex tasks easily. Here are some examples:

* Decode a Base64-encoded string
* Convert a date and time to a different time zone
* Parse a Teredo IPv6 address
* Convert data from a hexdump, then decompress
* Display multiple timestamps as full dates
* Carry out different operations on data of different types