Dr. Harold Kerzner shares an insightful article on future of PM profession and the greater use of technology in modeling and optimization of resources, critical paths, and cost savings. 

AI offers advantages of real time tune ups in the plan and as an expert assistant to the overall PM.  AI still cannot take over the human role of management and leadership concepts, (including grateful leadership concepts that improve teamwork).

I have worked with Microsoft Project extensively and even taught PMM classes for a former company.  Dr. Kerzner is an excellent instructor & author, and am thankful for past attendance of training classes.  This article shares that improved future tools are coming to help the project manager better manage time, people, and material resources

IIL blog  – Project Management and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Recently, I conducted a webinar on The Future of Project Management. During the Q&A session that followed, I was asked if PM 4.0 would include a discussion of the role of artificial intelligence (AI) applied to project management. I was also recently interviewed by a person working on a graduate degree, who asked what I believed would be the relationship between project management and AI in the future.

It appears that the world of AI is now entering the project management community of practice, and there is significant interest in this topic. While I am certainly not an expert in AI, I became curious about how developments in AI could benefit project management.

A common definition of AI is intelligence exhibited by machines. From a project management perspective, could a machine eventually mimic the cognitive functions associated with the mind of a project manager such as decision-making and problem-solving?

The principles of AI are already being used in speech recognition systems and search engines such as Google Search and Siri. Self-driving cars use AI concepts as do military simulation exercises and content delivery networks. Computers can now defeat most people in strategy games such as chess. It is just a matter of time before we see AI techniques involved in project management.