The new Nest Cam IQ Wi-Fi camera is a lower cost innovation in home security.  With facial recognition software, it can recognize friends and zoom in on intruders.

Nest is adding a new home security camera to its lineup: the Nest Cam IQ. With crisper image quality and IQ in its name, the new camera is positioned as a smarter version of the Nest Cam Indoor.  Instead of getting notifications every time it senses movement, the camera uses advanced algorithms to differentiate between pets and people, as well as friends from strangers.

Nest Aware subscribers get a few extra features, starting with facial recognition. After identifying a new face, the camera will send you a Person Alert, and you can then save a familiar face within the app. This will enable the camera to differentiate between family members, friends, acquaintances, and total strangers. You can also get audio alerts, such as dogs barking or people talking in a room. That way, you can also keep tabs on what’s happening in locations where you might not have a camera.