John Maxwell offers excellent teamwork & leadership techniques in his weekly blog posts.

So how can you prepare your managers to make the most of their leadership positions while shifting out of a positional mind-set? Share these three ways to be more effective:

1. Stop Relying on Position to Push People. There is nothing wrong with having a leadership position. T While it’s easy to pull rank in order to push people, it isn’t always effective.

2. Trade Entitlement for Movement. Leadership isn’t a right; it’s a privilege and must be continually earned. Entitlement will always work against you. Good leaders don’t take anything for granted. They strive to keep the people and the organization moving forward towards its vision. Let a vision for making a difference lift you and your team above the status quo.

3. Leave Your Position and Move towards Your People. Leaders are initiators. Good leaders understand that it is their responsibility to move towards their people. Make it your job to learn who your people are, find out what they need, and help them and the team win.