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Data Breach – Verizon reports 6 million accounts briefly exposed

A Verizon contractor accidentally stored a large amount of customer data using the Amazon cloud service that should have been setup more securely. This occurred during June 2017 timeframe as documented below:

A security research firm reports 6 million Verizon customer details were available to download by anyone who could guess a web address. An engineer had setup an Amazon Web Service S3 data store which was then used to log Verizon customer call data. That data included names, addresses, phone numbers, and account PIN codes. Used together, they would give a scammer everything required to pose as a Verizon customer on a call.

Verizon responded to the data exposure discovery by stating, “We have been able to confirm that the only access to the cloud storage area by a person other than Verizon or its vendor was a researcher who brought this issue to our attention. In other words, there has been no loss or theft of Verizon or Verizon customer information.” The release goes on to state that, “The overwhelming majority of information in the data set had no external value, although there was a limited amount of personal information included, and in particular, there were no Social Security numbers or Verizon voice recordings in the cloud storage area.”

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