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Microsoft XBOX – New Model X available NOV 7 2017

The new Microsoft XBOX model “X” will debut on November 7, 2017, technical specifications and comparisons with the current “S” model are noted in this detailed review by Value Walk:

The Xbox One X was introduced to the world at E3 in June. Finally, the Xbox One X showed its face. This is Microsoft’s answer to the PS4 Pro. However, the launch date is not until November 7th. While holiday shoppers will be happy to see that they can pick one up for their friends or family; some gamers may be wondering if the wait is worth it when the Xbox One S is already available. Let’s go head to head and see if we can help Xbox fans decide what to do. Here it is: Xbox One X vs Xbox One S.

First, let’s talk design. The Xbox One X is smaller than the Xbox One S while offering more power. In addition, the One X has an internal power supply. Current Xbox One owners will be excited to know that the ugly power brick is no more in the Xbox One X. If you’re looking for a powerful console that will look great as well then you can’t ignore the Xbox One X.

If your console just sits in an entertainment center then you probably don’t care much how it looks. You just want to play games! Both consoles will be able to play the same titles. With that said, there will be some very noticeable performance differences.  While the Xbox One S does offer UHD support, it upscales from full HD. It’s not known how much upscaling is done by the Xbox One X but, with the more powerful hardware, it will do a much better job of presenting UHD content.

What about enjoying non-gaming content? Both consoles excel in this area. With 4K support on both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, movies and streaming content will look great no matter what console sits beside your television. Of course, you will have to own a 4K television to make use of the growing library of 4K content on Xbox One. Even just as a dedicated 4K Bluray player, the Xbox One S is a great buy.

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