Mozilla features a new podcast series hosted by Veronica Belmont on relevant web topics.  Episode #3 is excellent in sharing impacts of a ransomware attack

Have you been hacked, or been the victim of malware or ransomware? Humans make the internet vibrant, but we’re also the weakest link — we’re predictable and often easily fooled. This episode of IRL focuses on our internet insecurity. Meet the unsung heroes fighting to keep us safe. Stay safe online! Here’s more on how to not be a ransomware victim.

Transcript: Speaker 1: Hello, you need to make the bitcoin payment to unlock your files. Do you know how to purchase bitcoin?

Speaker 2: Hi. No, I do not. What happened to my files? How much do I have to pay?

Veronica: What you’re hearing is part of an online chat one of my guests actually had with a ransomware criminal.

Speaker 1: Your files are encrypted. Go and purchase 125 US dollars worth of bitcoin. Send them to the address below and we will send you the decryption password and go on the chat if you need and help you.

Veronica: Do you know what ransomware is? It’s when you turn on your computer and an image says something like, “Surprise! Your files are encrypted. Send us money.”