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Intel – Eighth Generation Coffee Lake CPU arrives August 21

The new Intel 8th generation “Coffee Lake” processors will debut later in month offering 14nm state-of-art miniaturization.  These new CPU chipsets may be up to 30% faster in performance as shared in this informative article by PC Magazine

Intel promised back in February that we’d be getting 8th generation “Coffee Lake” Core processors in the second half of 2017. The second 14nm process refinement, six core chips, and up to a 30 percent performance bump expected.  Now the chip giant confirmed they will be unveiled on August 21, alongside the Great American Solar Eclipse.

Coffee Lake actually counts as Intel’s fourth refresh of processors using a 14nm process. Broadwell was the first, replacing the 22nm Haswell chips.   We are expecting four variants of the Coffee Lake processors: Coffee Lake-U, Coffee Lake-X, Coffee Lake-S, Coffee Lake-H. There will be four and six core chips, and GT2 integrated graphics. In terms of performance, Intel claims it could be as high as a 30 percent improvement over Kaby Lake.

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