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SQL Server 2017 – Release Candidate 1 available

SQL Server 2017 will offer improved security, performance, and even native  Linux support with this new version which is nearing official release.

Microsoft announced that the first release candidate for SQL Server 2017 is now available to the public.  After multiple preview builds over the last year, this marks the first time that the latest version of SQL Server is feature complete, and is the final preview step before the product is generally available in its commercial release. The goal of this release candidate is for the public to test out SQL Server 2017 in their environments to identify any potential issues before it is commercially released, set for later this summer.

SQL Server 2017 marks a milestone for the product, as it is the first version to offer support and integration with Linux OS. This includes support for Active Directory Authentication, which will allow the same domain credentials to be authenticated in SQL Server, whether coming from Windows or Linux. SQL on Linux will also allow for data to be encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and be transferred between the client and an instance of SQL Server. SQL Server on Linux.

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