As this article shares it is easy to overlook “employee development” in daily business conduct and this excellent article from John Maxwell share the value of developing others are greater levels of responsibility:

Managers can easily overlook intentional employee development and training in the rush to get things done. Production can obscure development. Soon production suffers because their team members aren’t equipped to perform. Employee development, or people development, sets your organization up for growth and sets it apart from competitors:

1. Employee Development Sets Your Company Apart — How does someone grow a company? By growing the people in it. If you really want to see your organization expand, focus on equipping its leaders to grow more leaders.

2. Employee Development Assures Growth — So what will give your organization the best chance for sustainable growth and success? Developing and training people.

3. Employee Development Empowers Others to Fulfill Their Leadership Responsibilities — John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” When a leader gives someone responsibility and authority, they transform people and organizations.

4. Employee Development Empowers the Leader to Lead Larger — Leaders who share their leadership with others don’t actually lose anything. Instead, they gain something possible only by developing others: time.

5. Employee Development Provides Great Personal Fulfillment — The greatest satisfaction in life comes from giving to others. Leaders are most fulfilled when they forget themselves and focus on others; they are often closest to people when helping them grow.

If your leaders and managers develop people and build relationships on the team, they will create a sense of community where victories are celebrated, gratitude is evident, and loyalty is shared.