During the Fall 2017, Microsoft is releasing Windows Server 1709.  This new 2017 version is designed to improve cloud & traditionally hosted applications. This new version will use WIN10 naming conventions official release.


Microsoft is planning to release Windows Server version 1709 next month during the software giant’s annual Ignite IT conference. This year, Microsoft Ignite will run from Sept. 25 to 29 in Orlando, Fla. Last year, the company used the event to launch Windows Server 2016.

In an Aug. 24 announcement from Jeff Woolsey, principal program manager of Windows Server at Microsoft, the executive explained why the next version of the server operating system is following in the footsteps of its desktop counterpart when it comes to version numbers.

“To make the Windows Server versions easy to identify, we are taking a cue from the Windows team and refer to this release by the year and the month. In this case, 1709 refers to the year 2017, and the ninth month, September,” stated Woolsey. “Very straightforward.”

“If you have a legacy application that you rarely touch running in a VM, then maybe the LTSC release makes sense,” he noted. “If you have a new, cloud application that your dev team is building using containers and they want the latest and greatest container features in Nano Server/Server Core, then likely the Semi-Annual Channel is the right choice.” Nano Server and Server Core are slimmed-down versions of operating system for virtualized and container environments.