As I have friends in Houston area, I am remembering those who are affected by this major storm. During major disasters, fake web sites emerge which can be used to gleam or compromise credit cards and personal identity.  Also, some legitimate sites may contribute to storm victims but retain a high level of portion of donations for “operating costs”. 

Two of the most trusted organizations are the Red Cross and Salvation Army in my own experiences.  They are mainstream and they channel almost all of the money for direct relief.  Other websites may also be legitimate in raising funds as well. The key is to be cautious with all online transactions, as we come to aid of those in need.  

How to Donate to Hurricane Harvey Victims

No matter what state you live in, you can’t help but be moved by the harrowing images out of Texas, where residents are grappling with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. It’s a life-altering, community-erasing event, but the good news is, we can still help even if we’re thousands of miles away from the Gulf Coast.

Listed below are some ways to donate to larger reputable organizations. There are of course many worthy local and national organizations worthy of support—far too many to list here. But that being said, tragedy can also bring out the scammers. The New York Times recommends checking with Charity Navigator’s list of reputable Harvey-related charities or the FTC’s tips for avoiding fraudsters.

CHECKLIST OF CONSUMER SAFETY TIPS – for donating to charities