A strong desire to lead individuals and the willingness to work beyond a 9-to-5 day are essential.  Continuing education training and pursuing special certifications like the PMP designation are helpful ways to prepare for this profession. It is demanding, but also rewarding when you see individuals on the team succeed and move ahead in their own careers.

4 Tips for Getting Your First Project Management Job

Make no mistake, the role of a project manager is difficult and demanding. It requires immense flexibility and unwavering leadership, but to helm, such a role is equally rewarding. The profession covers a range of industries, from IT and software development to construction or human resources.  Your role will include planning, organizing, delegating, budgeting, and documenting every aspect of a commencing project. You are the cartographer of every individual worker’s efforts. The fulfillment of completing a project you’ve managed is why a career in project management gives you a promising scope of opportunities in the future to come.

Research reveals that employers want these attributes

1. Strong Leadership
2. Clear Communication
3. Honesty and Integrity
4. Review your Experience and Know your Limitations

Prospective Project Managers should focus on these 3 key strategies

1. Foresight and Initiative
2. Get Qualified – Education & Certification
3. Prepare Yourself to Step Up