John Maxwell shares techniques for “How to Create a Culture of Innovation” within an organization

The following six ways can cultivate a culture of innovation with your leaders and managers to help them see better:

1. Model it — Your leaders need to act on opportunities quickly and decisively. If they demonstrate a forward-thinking mindset, you’ll soon start to see creativity amongst all your leaders and team members.

2. Encourage positive failure — Failure is a critical part of success. Your leaders need to know their creative problem-solving attempts are appreciated even when the end result isn’t quite what they hoped.

3. Embrace option-thinking — Your leaders and managers need to become comfortable with change and risk. Great ideas are born from uncertainty. If you can encourage that environment with your leaders, innovation can follow.

4. Insist on solution-thinking — Train your leaders to brainstorm multiple solutions for every problem they identify. This approach not only minimizes the issues that come up, but also gives leaders ownership of challenges.

5. Harness the power of fresh perspective — Keep fresh eyes around and listen closely to new leader’s perspectives. Your team may be surprised by how much they bring to the table.

6. Celebrate good ideas — When dealing with leaders and managers, let them know their ideas are important. Celebrate good ideas, acknowledge the people who bring them forward, and your company will discover a never-ending supply of leading-edge suggestions