Please carefully update Adobe Flash as prompted, ensuring the update comes directly from vendor.  More information can be found below

Security firm Kaspersky Lab researchers first discovered the zero-day flaw, designated CVE-2017-11292, and observed it being used to attack enterprises and government organizations. As of Monday, researchers have found that targets have included targeted individuals (including some politicians) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, Africa, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

In response, Adobe has released a Flash security update, currently available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, and the company urges users to update both the browser and desktop versions of Flash as soon as possible. Adobe has released a security update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS. This update addresses a critical type confusion vulnerability that could lead to code execution.  Adobe is aware of a report that an exploit for CVE-2017-11292 exists in the wild, and is being used in limited, targeted attacks against users running Windows.