John Maxwell shares an excellent article on how to build a corporate culture of leadership

Leadership is not a position, but a process. It doesn’t just happen, but is shaped. If companies want to build a culture of leadership and mutual respect across all layers, then they need to heavily invest in their people – both with financial resources and time. Start with building a clear set of values and watch your leaders blossom before your eyes.

1. Servant Orientation — Our founder John C. Maxwell has been credited with bringing servant leadership to the forefront of organizations across the world. “What’s your highest calling as a leader?” he asks. “Well, I believe it’s being a servant leader. I often teach that leaders ask the question, ‘Will I help people?’ But servant leaders ask, ‘HOW will I help people?’ When you’re a servant leader, you do so much more than just make people a priority. You look for specific opportunities to serve them and help them reach their potential.”’

2. Empathy — The key to empathy is that it centers on others. An investment in your employees — all employees — is an investment in your company. Unless you own a business in which you are the only employee, company success hinges wholeheartedly on the people you work with.

3. Communication — Clear communication is key to nurturing a culture of leadership. When information is shared and exchanged effectively, it helps create positive relationships and keep internal processes running well. Keep in mind that most conflicts in the workplace are a direct result of a breakdown in communication. When information is withheld, or not shared in an organized fashion, people are left to fill in the blanks on their own.

4. Common Language — An effective leadership culture instills a common language. I am not talking about the professional jargon of your field, but the language of leadership. This means that everyone in your business understands the principles of leadership that your company values.