The John Maxwell leadership training center shares an excellent article in looking ahead to challenges of 2018.  It focuses on how leaders should foster an improved spirit of creativity in their organizations.

Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation.  The best creative cultures remove barriers or creativity killers so employees can continue with the flow of a good idea.  Share these 10 hazardous expressions with the leaders in your company and challenge them to recall the last time they detected them:

1.I’m not a creative person. Everyone is creative even though each person brings unique strengths to each situation.

2.Don’t ask questions. Good leaders ask great questions, and they only get answers to questions they ask.

3.Don’t be different. The fact is that being different is how progress happens. Your team can’t get where you want to go by staying where you are.

4.Stay within the lines. Lines can be valuable things, but some lines exist only because they have never been questioned and examined.

5.There is only one way. Thomas Edison said it best: “There is always a better way—find it!”

6.Be practical. Although practical thinking is vital to execution, it can kill creative thinking if applied too soon. Good leaders give their teams time to be creative before leading them to get practical.

7.Think of your image. Leaders who are more concerned with how they look than how their team performs will have issues. Great performance begins with great thinking.

8.It’s too much work. Coasting is always easier in the short-term than thinking outside the box. But leaders who aren’t willing to to do the work will eventually be out of work.

9.We can’t afford to make a mistake. Some of the greatest inventions in human history were born from mistakes made in the messy, creative process.The leader who never makes a mistake soon takes his orders from one who does.

10.Failure is final. The more leaders do, the more they fail. The more they fail, the more they learn. The more they learn, the better they get.