The John Maxwell leadership training center shares an excellent article in looking ahead to challenges of 2018.  It focuses on older leaders can bridge the generation gap to foster an improved spirit of teamwork in their diverse organizations.

1.Invest in professional growth – Investing portions of your human capital training budget into interactive, onsite workshops is a great place to start

2.Capitalize on the social affinity of millennials – Millennials thrive in social settings and like to network electronically worldwide. Harness this skill and assist them in building their professional relationships and leaping over the generation gap in the workplace.

3.Encourage people to be creative – Let employees know that their input is valued. Micro-management is the barrier to innovation. Communicate the mission and values of a project, and then take a step back.

4.Listen – Communication is about the sharing of information; it is not about talking at someone. Millennials are interested in contributing, building and being a part of something that matters. When employees feel comfortable sharing their own ideas, their goals develop real meaning.

5.Don’t forget your sense of humor – Humor is disarming, and is critical for team-building. When a team laughs together it helps to facilitate a sense of community and enhances a cohesive corporate culture.

6. Make younger employees feel welcome – Bridging the generation gap in the workplace is in essence about belonging, feeling valued and having confidence that your voice is being heard – no matter our defined generational identity