Word Press provides a robust environment for website development as shared in this informative PC Magazine article:


WordPress is the free content management system (CMS) that powers everything from your favorite anime fan site to CNN’s online presence. In fact, WordPress.org, the website that houses the open-source software, states that WordPress powers 29 percent of the sites on the World Wide Web.

WordPress is a remarkably flexible content management system that has many themes and plug-ins to enhance the front-end and back-end experiences. There’s no coding required, unless you want a truly customized website feature or layout. As a result, building a WordPress-powered website isn’t particularly difficult. Still, people who aren’t familiar with the process may need a guiding hand.

BASIC STEPS for creating your own website

1.Pick a URL name and ISP provider
2.Find a Theme
3.Pick Your Plug-Ins
4.Protect Your Admin access & prevent spam posters
5.Optimize and Manage WordPress Hosting