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Windows 10 – New Redstone build 17083 features

The latest Windows 10 Redstone build 17083 changes, that will be forthcoming are documented below:

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Redstone 4 test build, Number 17083, adds some new features and takes away at least one, as well.  Microsoft confirmed with this test build, released on January 24, that its Sets windows-management tool won’t be part of Redstone 4 when it begins shipping to mainstream users this April or so.

Microsoft officials warned last year that Sets and Timeline might or might not make it into Redstone 4. But today, officials made it clear that Sets is not going to be baked enough to be in Redstone 4. Sets will be back in a post-Redstone 4 test build, officials said today. Timeline will be in Redstone 4, it seems, and today’s build adds the ability to more easily delete activities in Timeline and to sync activities to the cloud to enable better cross-device use.

Details on what is planned for Build 17083 is found in following link

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17083 for PC

Microsoft SQL Operations Studio – JAN-2018 release

The Microsoft SQL Operations Studio (MSOS) suite provides a cross-platform control center for relational data base management needs for DBAs and ADMINs. A new release further enhances these capabilities:

The latest improvements to Microsoft’s SQL Operations Studio (MSOS) are now available, marking the data management tool’s second update since its public preview debut at November’s PASS Summit.   MSOS is a lightweight, cross-platform offering that combines functionality found in tools like the Visual Studio Code editor and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It’s aimed at helping data developers and operations pros work with SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse on Windows, Linux and Mac machines.

MSOS includes the following features:

*** Cross-platform database management for Windows, macOS and Linux with simple XCopy deployment
*** SQL Server Connection Management with Connection Dialog, Server Groups, Azure Integration and Registered Servers
*** Object Explorer supporting schema browsing and contextual command execution
*** T-SQL Query Editor with advanced coding features such as autosuggestions, error diagnostics, tooltips, formatting and peek definition
*** Query Results Viewer with advanced data grid supporting large result sets, export to JSON\CSV\Excel, query plan and charting
*** Management Dashboard supporting customizable widgets with drill-through actionable insights
*** Visual Data Editor that enables direct row insertion, update and deletion into tables
*** Backup and Restore dialogs that enable advanced customization and remote filesystem browsing; configured tasks can be executed or scripted
*** Task History window to view current task execution status, completion results with error messages and task T-SQL scripting
*** Scripting support to generate CREATE, SELECT, ALTER and DROP statements for database objects
*** Workspaces with full Git integration and Find In Files support to managing T-SQL script libraries
*** Modern, lightweight shell with theming, user settings, full-screen support, integrated terminal and numerous other features