The John Maxwell leadership training center shares an excellent article in looking ahead to challenges of 2018.  This article offers 5 techniques for trust-building within the workplace

The importance of trust between you and your leaders cannot be overstated. Leaders can cultivate a high-trust culture or create culture of distrust that increases tension, puts people “on guard” at all times, and hurts productivity.

Here are five practical ways to build trust with the leaders in your company.

1.Practice the 30-second rule. Simply put, within the first 30 seconds of a conversation you should say something encouraging to the person you’re addressing. It’s an easy way to build rapport and deposit good will into that person’s emotional bank account.

2.Say the right words at the right time. This tactic requires some patience and discretion. Remember to consider what you are saying before you say it. Ask yourself: Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Is it uplifting?  Be authentic, especially when offering a compliment. Nothing destroys trust faster than insincere praise.

3.Offer your very best.  This rule basically states that you should be prepared to voluntarily give of yourself beyond what is required. All too often, people try to skate through a project or initiative with the minimum amount of effort. Giving maximum effort—especially when you don’t have to and your team knows it—will only solidify and build trust.

4.Keep your eye off the mirror. Most people readily admit that unselfishness is a positive quality.  Begin by looking each day for a way to set aside personal needs and intentionally help someone else without expecting anything in return.

5.Remember a person’s story. A great way to establish relationship is to ask another person to share his or her story.  Learning a person’s story is a great way to connect—while remembering the details of his or her unique journey is a great way to reinforce relationship