Apple iOS 11.3 addresses recent battery issues & will be introduced during spring 2018.  This article shares 7 key features in the new version:

iOS 11.3, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system, is coming this spring — and it’ll offer more features than you might expect from a “.3” release. Whether you’re interested in augmented reality, cute Animoji or just a way to keep Apple from throttling your old iPhone, there’s something in this update to pique your curiosity.

Apple’s next update brings fixes for Apple’s battery snafu, new Animoji, AR upgrades and more.¬† Apple devs rip apart the new iOS 11.3 beta to see what the company’s changed. Apple released iOS 11.3 beta 1 to developers today.

Apple iOS 11.3 – Seven features in new version
1. Take control of your battery
2. More Animoji
3. Augmented reality goes vertical
4. AirPlay 2
5. Read and delete iMessages anywhere
6. No-hassle chat with your bank or store
7. New health records tracking facility