This article shares how some industries plan to use the decentralized and encrypted approach of BLOCKCHAIN technology beyond cryptocurrency:

What is blockchain technology? — A blockchain is a digitized public ledger of all the cryptocurrency transactions. The records—which are called blocks—are linked with each other and secured by cryptography.  Blockchain is touted as one of the most secure technologies because its ledger is decentralized and encrypted. The transactions taking place on the network are self-verifying and don’t have to go through a central institution (like the central bank of a currency in the case of a domestic currency like the US dollar), which is why it’s able to enjoy a whole new level of security.

Blockchain was originally designed for Bitcoin. However, a number of top companies and institutions such as FedEx and the European Union have started working on their own blockchain projects, after discovering potential in features like high transparency, efficiency, and security. In fact, blockchain is being applied across a growing number of industries, including banking, online gambling, and healthcare.