The John Maxwell leadership training center shares an excellent article on use of Skill Assessment Tools for team members to discover their talents:

It costs a lot to replace a good employee—some estimates put the cost at equal to or greater than the annual salary of the employee.  Yet more than ever, employees want growth opportunities and paths for personal development to stay at a company. By helping good employees become great leaders, you not only position your company for success, you increase employee retention in the process.

Employees are often so focused on production—what do I have to do and achieve—that many have an unexplored world within. The discovery process requires times of personal reflection—a rarity in most workplaces—to ask probing questions about themselves:

* Who am I?
* What do I truly love?
* What am I good at?
* When am I happiest?
* What matters most?
* What gets me going?
* What holds me back?
* What do I want for my life?

Use Assessment Tools to Help Good Employees Grow — Your leaders can help good employees engage that discovery process by encouraging employees to take and apply personal development assessments. Your teams can choose a different assessment, of course, but we find the combination of RightPath 4 and RightPath 6 assessments to be powerful. The first gives a snapshot—more like an X-ray, while the second takes a deeper dive—more like an MRI. The key advantage to the tool is its simplicity. It provides a powerful learning platform, enabling employees to easily apply what they learn about their natural tendencies.