Microsoft has launched “Project VAST” which combines Microsoft’s Azure Log Analytics tool with its Power BI data visualization tool

The Visual Auditing Security Tool (VAST) provides a repeatable, scalable solution to quickly and cost-effectively help mitigate security blockers by visually representing specific infrastructure log and audit events. It also provides specific, actionable KPI-based metrics to measure your organization’s effectiveness in mitigating the risk of devastating credential theft.

Many organizations aggregate log data into query-able aggregation stores such as SIEMs. Even so, experience shows that combing through log files in an effort to correlate security events is typically a time-consuming activity from which you can draw limited conclusions and take limited action. VAST takes a different approach. VAST leverages powerful, relatively new Microsoft technologies – chiefly Azure Log Analytics and Power BI – to present your organization with a rich, visual representation of its security data in a single-pane-of-glass interface. VAST can work along-side your existing solutions – and it adds a dimension to your data that most enterprise SIEMs presently don’t: interactive data visualization.