Microsoft has announced SQL Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which can provide improved protection for Azure SQL data base cloud users.

Microsoft this week announced SQL Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which is described as “a new security package” for Azure SQL Database users.

SQL ATP is kind of like another brand in Microsoft’s sprawling ATP product line, pinning together some existing security services. It’s accessed through the Azure Portal or the Azure Security Center and has three main capabilities, namely “Data Discovery and Classification,” “Threat Detection and Vulnerability Assessment.” The latter two capabilities are production-ready today, with Vulnerability Assessment having reached “general availability” status this week. The Data Discovery and Classification segment of SQL ATP, though, is still at the preview stage.

Microsoft charges for using SQL ATP, although there’s a 60-day free trial. Pricing for SQL ATP seemed to be unlisted at press time. However, this Microsoft overview article suggested that the costs are similar to Azure Security Center pricing.

Threat Detection performs continuous monitoring of databases. It provides users with alerts about “suspicious database activities, potential vulnerabilities, and SQL injection attacks, as well as anomalous database access patterns,” according to Microsoft’s documentation. It also provides recommended actions to take.