The Born security site is a favorite new resource for key security news & technical info recently discovered .. The release of Chrome 67 is highlighted below in an excellent recap for the new features:  


Google Chrome 67 released

Google Chrome 67 overview

Google Chrome 67 has been announced in the Google Blog on May 29, 2018. Chrome 67.0.3396.62 contains a number of fixes and improvements – a list of changes is available in the change log.  Here are a few things to mention.

  • Site Isolation Trial: Google is trying to extend site isolation in Chrome 67. Site Isolation improves the security of Chrome by blocking (isolating) displayed pages in the browser. This helps to minimize the risks emanating from Spectre.To determine if a problem is caused by site isolation, use chrome://flags#site-isolation-trial-opt-out to disable the feature (see). Google asks you to report any problems specific to the exam. This allows them to be fixed before the site isolation is broadened.
  • AR/VR/Sensor API: mentions a few improvements in AR/VR with the new WebXR Device API. The new Sensor API in Chrome 67 is discussed also within this venturebeat article.
  • Progressive Web Apps: Chrome 67 support Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs can now be opened directly on Windows PCs and the Mac in Chrome. They will open in a new window or tab.

This venturebeat article discussed more new features. Also Bleeping-Computer has a few details about security improvements. The browser should update itself automatically or can be downloaded free of charge from this Google website. Whether the problem with the black boxes during rendering (see following articles) is fixed, I could not test with the portable version yet.