Google’s project Canary will eventually become Chrome version 69, as a major features update.  It will more prominently warn users on any non-secure website where HTTP is used, rather than HTTPS.  Encrypted SSL processing is more secure and Google is advocating webmasters to migrate to HTTPS, as Internet Storm Center shares.  Many other browsers are doing likewise to warn users in an improved manner over the traditional “LOCK” icon.

Back in February, Google announced that sometime in July, with Chrome version 68, all HTTP sites will be marked as “not secure”. This is Google’s initiative to move everything to HTTPS, which is nice – since SSL/TLS certificates can be now obtained for free (see Let’s Encrypt but also be aware that also bad guys can get them for free), there is no more reason not to have your site accessible (only) via HTTPS. Indeed – if you haven’t done so already, make sure that you do this as priority.

Google will again change security indicators, this time with Chrome 70, which is supposed to be released in September.  With this version, HTTP sites will be additionally marked with a red warning sign when a user starts entering data in a form. I like this feature.