This CIO magazine article highlights collaborative tools that can link a team members together, who are not physically in the same office.

Anyone managing a distributed workforce is going to end up using a lot of different tools to facilitate collaboration. PhoenixNAP’s Ian McClarty was kind enough to rattle off for us the list of products his company uses.

For communication:

1. Skype for both instant messaging and video conferencing
2. 8×8 for VoIP/phone service
3. Email, using a standard Active Directory across all company locations.

For collaboration:

1. A mostly proprietary queuing system to manage incoming support calls
2. Ubersmith, a ticketing system to manage support contacts
3. Salesforce for CRM

For management and documentation needs:

1. JIRA to manage development projects and bugs
2. Microsoft SharePoint for documentation collaboration and as a document repository
3. SkyPrep for online training