Microsoft Skype offers free internet calling to other Skype users.  However, a paid subscription plan must be established for landline or mobile phone calls. And the following step-by-step guide shares how to setup a paid subscription account for these capabilities.

Do you use the free version of Skype for internet calls and video chats? And are you bumping into brick walls when you try to call a mobile phone or landline or another country? It may be time to upgrade your account.

The free flavor of Skype does restrict you to calling other Skype users. But a paid subscription lets you call mobile phones and landlines and certain other countries. Alternatively, you can keep your free account and just purchase Skype credit when you need to call someone’s phone or a person in another country.

Let’s first check out the option of buying Skype credit. By purchasing Skype credits, you can make Skype calls to people who aren’t on Skype via their mobile phones or landlines. It’s a handy option if you don’t expect to make too many calls to non-Skype users, and would like to have a “pay as you go” option. You can also make international calls to certain countries, which you can’t do through a free Skype account

Alternatively, you can get an unlimited plan to call landlines and cell phones in certain regions like the US ($2.99 per month), North America ($6.99 per month), Europe (plans vary), and the World ($13.99 per month to call landlines in 63 countries, and mobile phones in eight).