The John Maxwell leadership training center shares valuable techniques for training the most talented & high potential employees in company, as follows:

They’re the secret sauce for a successful organization—high potential employees. They drive your company’s success and inspire other team members to elevate performance. But if you don’t train them differently, you’ll lose them.

High potential employees aren’t difficult to spot. They’re the ones who get things done with excellence—and ask for more. They’re always taking the initiative to improve their skills, not waiting for you to provide training for them. They seek out feedback in their drive to improve performance and polish their skills to perfection. They typically make up about 3-5% of the company’s talent.

Below are ideas related to training your high potential employees:

1. Rather than forcing people to be something they are not, identify the high potential employees and develop them into who they can be. Good companies push people out of their comfort zones, but never their strength zones.

2. High potential employees are hardwired to soar to new heights and see things from a different perspective.

3. If your high potential employees or your core employees aren’t getting what they need to use their strengths effectively, maybe it’s time to examine your company’s approach to training to see if your perspective is the problem.

4. When high potential employees are asked what organizations could do to increase their engagement and commitment, the number one answer is to provide a clear career path and support. In short, they want clarity on direction and help to soar to new heights.