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June 18th, 2018:

Leadership – Three techniques for executive networking

The John Maxwell leadership training center shares 3 valuable techniques for executive networking, which can enhance corporate goals & vision at higher levels in the organization:

Executive networking is a crucial component of corporate leadership. A great leader prioritizes relationships and recognizes that these relationships — those with employees, with business partners, with potential clients — are what determine the success or demise of a company.

1. FIND THE COMMON GROUND – Find a common point of interest, and your conversations will feel less forced. Talking with professionals can feel tricky if you only talk about their industry, or credentials. Remember that all successful people are first, and foremost, people and have families, interests, likes and dislikes. If you try and connect with someone over just their title, you won’t get very far.

2. CONSIDER WHAT YOU CAN GIVE – When your goal is to serve others, your focus is turned outward and suddenly your efforts have true meaning and purpose that are tied to something larger than just yourself. You will be a more effective leader within your company by knowing your employees and understanding their interests and talents, as well as helping them realize their own special skills. It is often those who feel they have nothing to give who can give the most.

3. INVEST IN PEOPLE – I love people, and I love to see people achieve more than they think they can. As an executive, your responsibility in networking is even greater: Networking for the executive is about connecting people with other people, of course, but it is also about connecting people to the right job. If you hire the right talent and invest in equipping them with the right tools — the sky is the limit.  The more you focus on what you can do for others and find an authentic connection to build on, the more excited you will become for prospects to network. This will lead to more powerful, lasting and meaningful relationships.

Mobile Browsers – Malicious JavaScript redirects to spam sites

The SANS Internet Storm center shares an awareness that malware actively circulates in mobile vector, which a new Javascript that uses hexadecimal coding to hide in an obfuscated manner

A reader reported a suspicious piece of a Javascript code that was found on a website. In the meantime, the compromized website has been cleaned but it was running WordPress. The de-obfuscation is quite easy to perform. The most interesting part is in the array of hex-encoded strings.

This code performs some verifications. If the following conditions are met, a cookie is created and the visitor is redirected to the URL present in the code.

* The cookie does not exist yet
* The visitor is not the Google crawler
* The visitor is using a mobile device/browser

Nothing really malicious here, the visitor is redirected to a bunch of spam websites but keep in mind that such websites can also deliver much more malicious content like an exploit kit (it was not the case here).