On June 20, 2018, Microsoft purchased Bonsai, which is a company specializing in  artificial intelligence


Bonsai, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup that was founded by two former Microsoft employees and partially funded by Microsoft Ventures, is now officially part of Microsoft.  Microsoft announced its acquisition of Berkeley, Calif.-based Bonsai on Wednesday morning.

According to the Bonsai Web site, its AI platform lets subject-matter experts and data analysts who don’t have an AI or machine learning background get hands-on with building AI models and other tools while basically bypassing the underlying algorithms.

“Using a technique we call Machine Teaching,” the site states, “[the platform] leverage[s] your subject matter expertise to deconstruct complex problems into the key concepts you want an AI model to learn.” The system automatically chooses a training model for the data — “no laying out neural nets or tuning hyperparameters required” — and then feeds the results via a “Bonsai Brain,” where the data can be used as a simulation and can be further manipulated, trained and debugged.