The new Apple iOS 12 beta just became publicly available.  This is targeted for early testers who are experienced technically in case issues surface.

You can now download Apple’s iOS 12 public beta. Get ready for plenty of animated selfie emoji — but you won’t be able to use Siri Shortcuts until the final version of the software is available this fall.

If you’ve been dying to turn yourself into an animated cartoon, you’re in luck. Apple’s public beta version of iOS 12, with its new Memoji feature, is now available for download.   The software, which runs on iPhones and iPads, won’t be finalized and officially released until the fall. But for those of you who can’t wait until then, you can enroll in Apple’s free, public beta program and access the early version of iOS 12 starting Monday.

Apple unveils its newest mobile software each year in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference. It then releases the operating system to developers to make apps ahead of the iOS release, typically in September. In early 2015, it started letting the public test its mobile software with iOS 8.3. Offering the operating system early both to developers and the public aims to catch more bugs and make sure the software works well before it’s rolled out to a broad audience.