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July 19th, 2018:

Microsoft July 2018 updates – Exchange and Skype issues addressed

Microsoft Exchange and Skype security updates impacted some corporate users & Microsoft has pulled these updates and they are addressing issues with corrected code.

Microsoft’s July 10 “update Tuesday” patches negatively affected organizations using Lync Server 2013, Skype for Business Server 2015 and Exchange Server, Microsoft admitted this week.    On the Exchange Server side, the Exchange team noted in a July 16 announcement that Exchange Server won’t function correctly as a result of “issues with the Windows operating system updates published July 10th.” The solution to the problem is to update Exchange Server using the Windows Update service or IT pros can update the catalogs used by Windows Server Update Services, a patch management system.

The Windows team has removed all bad packages from Windows Update and systems should no longer attempt to download an update which exposes this problem. New updates are being published through Windows Update and should be available for all operating systems by end of day July 17th.

Window 10 – OneNote preview has many new edit features

The new “preview” version for OneNote for Windows 10 contains several new features as noted below:

OneNote for Windows 10 Gets a Major Update

Microsoft’s William Devereux has documented a nice set of new features that just arrived in the latest update to OneNote for Windows 10. And if you’re in the Insider Program, below are new ones found in the Windows 10 Insider Preview

Simplified ribbon.  OneNote for Windows 10 is cleaner, easier to use, and better suited for high DPI displays.

New paste options. It has always included a source URL when you paste in content from the web. Now you can disable that.

Updated Clear Formatting. The Clear Formatting command will now clear any custom paragraph spacing from the source too.

New table options. You can now optionally hide table borders and quickly select a range of cells.

Simpler symbol insert. You can now use a new Symbol Gallery in the Insert tab to more easily insert symbols.

Improved eraser. For those using smart pens, the Eraser tool now supports two new eraser sizes.

Microsoft Translator support. OneNote for Windows 10 now includes a Translate command on the View tab.

Smart Phones – Corning Gorilla Glass version 6

Corning has developed Gorilla Glass version 6 which will be featured in mobile devices by the end of 2018.  It will be twice as strong as version 5.  More details can be found in the following PC Magazine review:

The latest version of Corning’s Gorilla Glass is twice as durable as the previous generation, the company announced today.  Gorilla Glass 6 has been redesigned to include an extra “level of armor” that’ll help the material survive both repeated drops and drops from higher heights, Corning executives said at a company event in Sunnyvale, California.

On average, the new glass can survive 15 drops at the height of 1 meter (3.2 feet), or about waist-level height for most people.  In designing Gorilla Glass 6, Corning focused on increasing the durability of the glass not just on the surface, but deeper through the material. In the company’s own testing, about 77 percent of Gorilla Glass 6 samples survived 20 drops at a height of 1 meter. The glass tested was between 0.6mm to 0.8mm, the common thickness used in smartphone models

OneNote for Window 10 – JULY 2018 release

OneNote for Windows 10 contains significant new features in the JULY 2018 release 

OneNote for Windows 10 Gets a Major Update

Microsoft’s William Devereux has documented a nice set of new features that just arrived in the latest update to OneNote for Windows 10. And if you’re in the Insider Program, there are even more new features, including our first peek at the new simplified ribbon. “We just released a new OneNote update on Windows 10 with a number of features based directly on your feedback,”

Version 16.0.10325.20049 has following features:

New Page deep link tile. You can now pin a OneNote “New Page” deep link tile to your Start menu so that you can jump directly

Optional OneNote tile transparency. Speaking of tiles, you can also optionally pin a transparent version of the app’s tile to the Start menu.

Insert online videos. A new Insert Online Video in the Insert tab of the ribbon lets you easily embed web-based videos in your notes.

Default paste. This one isn’t actually new to this version, but it’s a nice addition: You can now choose a default paste method, as you could previously in OneNote 2016.

Oracle – Quarterly security updates JULY 2018

Oracle has released their quarterly security updates patching 334 vulnerabilities across their family of products.

Oracle released their quarterly critical patch update today.  This patch addresses a record number of 334 vulnerabilities across a wide set of Oracle supported products.   Vulnerabilities in Weblogic, Oracle Spatial, and Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer are rated with CVSS scores of 9.8.  Deserialization based attacks within Weblogic server has been used as attack vectors in the past year, and used to install crypto miner campaigns.  It is likely that these types of campaigns will continue for the forseeable future.