The John Maxwell leadership training center shares value of adding a “business coach” as a mentor for your own career development:

There are professionals and programs available to help people achieve all types of goals — people hire coaches to help them lose weight, get fit, get sober, improve their finances and their relationships.  You should think of a business coach or leadership program as a personal trainer for your professional “fitness.”   We all set professional goals. But ask yourself this: What active steps am I taking to achieve them. Below are advantages for adding a mentor to help build improved leadership skills for the future:

1. The Power of Accountability — One of the most significant reasons successful people meet or exceed their goals — both personal and professional — is accountability. Accountability can mean the difference of staying on track and making progress towards a goal.

2. Taking Professional “Me Time” — Utilizing a business coach or professional network is a great way to focus on your own professional development.

3. Designing Your Own Motivation  — A good source of external accountability will also guarantee that you will focus on your goals more often. Setting a routine of professional development — checking in on your own progress, setting and meeting smaller, benchmark goals — is essential to building momentum.