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Data Breach – Clarkson PLC compromise due to 1 user account being hacked

Security is often only as strong as the “weakest link”. Clarkson PLC has revealed that a single user account was compromised — which resulted in a data breach & theft of confidential information.  This truly shares the danger of relying on password protection alone

The cybersecurity incident took place in 2017, in which threat actors gained access to internal systems from May 31, 2017, until November 4, 2017.  In an updated security advisory (.PDF) posted this week, Clarksons, a global shipping provider, said an unauthorized third party was able to access computer systems based in the United Kingdom in order to copy confidential data.  According to the company, access to these systems was gained through a single user account.  The hackers then demanded payment in return for the stolen information on the threat of public release, of which was refused

While the potentially affected personal information “varies by individual,” the trove of data potentially compromised is huge.   The stolen data may include dates of birth, contact information, criminal convictions, ethnicity, medical data, religion, login credentials, signatures, tax information, insurance details, national insurance numbers, passport information, and social security numbers.

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