The Windows 10 Redstone 5 release is planned for OCT 2nd 2018 as follows:

We’ve known for a while that the latest update for Windows 10, codenamed “Redstone 5”, was going to be released in October, but now we have a nearly confirmed date: October 2nd, 2018, the same day that Microsoft is holding an event to talk about their new Surface products.

This is according to Windows Latest and ZDNet, who found a post on the MyDigitalLife forum from a person who found an XML file on Microsoft’s products page that referenced the date. If that sounds like a ridiculous game of phone tag, you’re right—but that’s how these things always work. The date makes sense anyway since Microsoft is going to be announcing other things that day at a big event.

So this means that Build 17763 will be the final version of Windows 10 October 2018 Update, assuming nothing else happens to break things.

In case you weren’t already familiar with the details from our amazing series on What’s New in Every Major Windows Release, this new October 2018 update contains a ton of features for people who aren’t already on the Insider track, including but not limited to these:

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