Apple’s new iPhone XS phone appears to have stronger glass surviving 3-5 feet drops with less damage than past iPhone X

I’ve done my fair share of drop tests in my time at CNET, and I’ve never come out of one without a broken phone. Until now. Try as I might, the iPhone XS would’t crack.

I took Apple’s new iPhone XS phone through my typical four-drop tests, the same one that cracked last year’s iPhone X on the first fall. But while the new iPhone XS looks a lot like last year’s X, with a stainless steel frame and glass on either side, this time it may just be that glass that sets the iPhone XS apart — and above.

At last week’s launch, Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, said the iPhone XS is “covered on the front and the back with a new formulation of glass that is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.” After four falls from up to 5 feet onto the concrete sidewalk, this iPhone XS came out almost intact. It has a few tiny dents and scrapes on the frame and the side of the camera, but the glass is nearly flawless.