From PCs, peripherals, and smart home tech to apps, games, and well beyond, in 16 top categories, these are the very best products we’ve tested all year. It’s the ultimate holiday gift guide for the most deserving tech lovers on your list.

Narrowing down the best of the best is a daunting task. To scale to the peak of product perfection, the reviewers in our lab slog through hundreds and hundreds of lesser devices, services, and apps every year, and that’s just to get to base camp. Only then can we get a clear view of the pinnacle; even then a few high-quality stalwarts can vie for the top. Then it’s a case of narrowing down to a true winner.

That’s what we do every year by compelling our staff to pick the best tech products. Typically, we limit the list to the very best 100 products, but this year, we notched the total up to 107—a good indicator of how strong the tech is this year. Keep in mind, that’s still only about 4 percent of the approximately 2,500 products we’ve tested. We crank out a lot of reviews.

If you compare this year’s list to the best of 2017, you’ll see that a lot of vendors are very consistent in product quality year-to-year