Samsung SSD – Model 860 QVD 1TB review

The Samsung SSD model 860 QVD is reviewed featuring high performance flash memory.  And while not yet as fast or cost effective as HHD (traditional mechanical hard drives) — these devices are catching up with traditional hard drives

WITH ITS FLEXIBLE PHONE, Samsung is not devoid of lofty ambitions, which is probably why it wants to make flash storage as cheap as spinning drives. That might seem like a step too far for the South Korean company, given SSDs cost a good bit more than HHDs with the same storage capacity.

But Sammy looks to be taking a stab and breaking new ground with its 1TB 860 QVD SSD, which will cost only $149 (some £140).  Yes, we know you can get 2B of storage space for around £60, but you don’t get the same data transferring performance you get in an SSD; which surprise, surprise, is why SSDs are more costly.

But with its read and write speeds of up to a 550MB/s and 520MB/s respectively, Samsung is aiming at the 1TB 860 QVD SSD at getting SSD performance to the market at a price that’s more in line with higher-end spinning disk drives.