A preview for CES 2019 conference featuring new technology starts on Jan 6th.  This is one of the most important trade shows of year, as 4500 vendors will be featured.


CES, which kicks off unofficially Sunday, will have over 4,500 exhibitors showing thousands of products to an expected crowd of 180,000 or more people.  Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off the new year with a smorgasbord of new gadgets that may – or may not – ever see the light of day, gee-whiz new prototypes that do, indeed, wow us, and lots of talk about the next big thing in tech that’s right around the corner.

This year, the show floor chatter will be all about 5G broadband and artificial intelligence, and how they will change our lives as we know it. The faster 5G internet signals will provide the backbone needed for autonomous self-driving cars and smart cities, for improved traffic flow and other services. AI will take the promise of the still burgeoning Smart Home, and using our voices to command Alexa and Google to turn on and off the lights and tell us the weather. These personal assistants will be “in virtually every product you see at CES,” says Bret Kinsella, the editor of the Voicebot website, which tracks the rise of voice computing.