A re-branded “Microsoft Teams Rooms” product will replace Skype Room Systems, to allow collaborative working meetings


Microsoft on Wednesday announced the rebranding of its Skype Room Systems product line of partner-built videoconferencing and meeting room devices, which are now called “Microsoft Teams Rooms.”   A list of “room systems” by Microsoft still currently shows products bearing the old “SRS” brand. Partners that have built Skype Room Systems include Crestron, HP, Lenovo, Logitech and Polycom. Possibly, new Microsoft Teams Rooms devices from these vendors will get further described at the Integrated Systems Europe event coming next month — at least, Microsoft’s announcement suggested as much.

The rebranding isn’t just a name change but will be associated with the addition of some new features in coming Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.  For instance, one new feature will permit meetings to be started via a single touch (a so-called “One Touch Join” feature) to the room’s console device. Another addition, based on the Microsoft Teams client for PCs, will add the ability to detect open conference spaces.